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Specialized documents are a call away.

If transportation is involved to deliver services to the client, travel fee may be added to the final cost.  No show and no call to cancel fee may be added to the final cost.


An acknowledgement is perhaps the most widely performed notarial act.  The acknowledgement may be needed with a variety of important documents such as deeds, power of attorney and loan agreements.  The main purposes are positive identification of the document signer and verification that the signer freely signed the documents.


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$150 +Tax


The jurat or verification upon oath or affirmation, is one of the most common notarial acts.  A jurat requires an individual to sign a document in the presence of the Notary.  They are customarily executed on affidavits and despositions, which may be submitted in trials and other official proceedings.



  • Affidavits


  •  Agreements


  • Finger Printing


  • Oath and Affirmations


  •  Signature Witnessings



  • Things to do before the interview…

  • Necessary things to say during the interview that will get you “hired for the job”.

  • Important things to do after the interview to add value to yourself…


"Training is yours, just ask for it."

We take the responsibility to professionally care for the client and the client benefits in return.  By having the client complete a survey evaluation, we are allowing the client to share in the success of our business, as well as,  create value in the client.

$75 +Tax

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